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What is temporary employment?

Temporary employment is a type of employment under which the employee is formally employed by anemployment agency, while performing work at the employer’s/user’s site with whom partnering with the agency.

Who is the employer/user?

It is the employer for whom the temporary employee performs work and to whom the temporary employee is assigned.

So who is the employer?

In case of temporary employment, the employer is the employment agency. The employee enters into a contract with the agency, however the work is performed at the site and under the supervision ofanother employer to whom he or she is assigned.

Job offer – how long do I need to wait for it?

The wait time depends on the situation on a given job market. The key question is the current demand for temporary employees of employers/users.

Are temporary employees entitled to holidays?

Every temporary employee is entitled to 2 days off for every month of remaining available to one employer/user.

How long can I work for one employer/user?

This issue is regulated by the Temporary Employment Act of July 9th 2003, as amended. The total hours of work for the same employer/user may not exceed 18 months during a continuous 36 months period.

Is the period of temporary employment applied towards seniority?

Yes, it is, as it is based on an employment contract.