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You can easily find a job with us! See for yourself!

Are you a qualified worker and looking for a job? Are you a student and  you need a job to continue your studies? Do you have a young child and need flexible working hours?  If so, you are in the right place.

Due to the very high demand from our clients, we conduct permanent recruitment for:

  • furniture industry
  • metallurgy
  • construction
  • the manufacture of plastics products
  • boatbuilding
  • automotive
  • IT
  • other sectors.

We are also looking for employees for the positions of plastic moulders and welders, mainly for wind energy industry.

Why is it worth applying to us?

  • we offer legal and well-paid work both in Poland and abroad,
  • time counts for us and our clients – that is why we send you to work as soon as possible,
  • you are always paid on time,
  • our customers provide a high degree of flexibility in employment, which is why jobs they offer are also ideal for parents who are looking after their children, students or as a part-time job,
  • we guarantee job safety – when you work for us, you will not be cheated by an employer
  • if you prove yourself, you have the option to sign the contract directly with your employer who is our client,
  • we ensure social security – paid holidays, entitlement to sickness benefits, social insurance,
  • in some companies you can be offered a job only through employment agencies, as they do not recruit otherwise,
  • temporary work opportunities offered by our agency will help you to re-enter the labour market after a long break

Are you interested in working for us?

Do not hesitate, call or write today!

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